RE-IMAGINE TV PLAY YOUR TV using your iPhone or Android phones!
for Amazon Fire TV, AppleTV and AndroidTV.

Just Released TV Games!

Space Epic Untitled
Multiplayer Space Simulator

You’re an asteroid strip-mining pirate on the run from the law, flying an up-gunned space tug in the battle for Saturn’s treasures.

Evil Magic Finger
Ye olde adult humor card game!

Evil Magic Finger is an online card game that fuses elements of the classic game, “War”, with strategy, memory, chance and (evil) magic!

Tv Game
Mobile Controller
MultiScreen TV Games Turn Your TV On!

Are you ready for the next generation of television entertainment? Kuma Games have cracked the code on games that use your set-top-box (FireTV, Android TV, iOSTV) as the gaming console, your existing TV as the display device, and your phones as controllers. Check out our two launch games, Evil Magic Finger and Space Epic Untitled, available now for a limited-time free offer!

Other Kuma Games

Infinite Overdrive
Combat Runner

Fast paced racer filled with robotic hordes, boss fights and insane upgradable weapons.

Classic Kuma Games
Episodic Games

Hundreds of free gamisodes in 10 fast-action TV games series.