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Kuma Games makes headlines again with its recreation of a Somali pirate attack!

In February of 1999 the International Maritime Bureau reports a sharp rise in the number of commercial and leisure boats seized by sea-faring rogues... most notably Somali pirates. The public is told how modern pirates are willing and able to kill their victims on the high seas with unpredictability and without mercy.

Since then, things have only gotten worse.

See Kuma's timeline of pirate attacks, hostage-taking, ransom demands and shootouts dating back to 1999.

Then join the vicious battle at sea (Note: Game will immediately begin downloading upon click) and control the fate of all aboard!

Inspired by true events, Kuma Games presents a recreation of the capture of the Maersk Alabama in a fast-action attack and defend mission that mirrors the true, shocking pirate attack. Will the US manage to beat back the ruthless enemy as Captain Richard Phillips and his 20-man crew did in the real world events? Or will the pirates succeed in hijacking the Maersk and holding the fate of the ship deep in Somali waters?

Brutal teams of pirates stop at nothing for control of the engine room and the ship's power source. Should they succeed, the Maersk Alabama, its captain and crew are doomed. The Maersk's sailors must move quickly to keep the ship's power running and defend themselves against the pirates at all costs.

Join (Note: Game will immediately begin downloading upon click) teams of friends in the battle for control of the world's most wicked waterways now!